Teaching Katrina


I’ve begun teaching one of my models, Katrina White, how to take pictures.

Here’s my photographs from the last shoot she did with her friend Lior.

photo (3)

Katrina’s doing a great job.

photo (2)

My photo of Lior.


photo (8)

Pop Haydn in the 21st Century.

image (1)

Sophie Evans demonstrates her fire eating ability.

Recently my good friend master magician Pop Haydn had a show at the Magicopolis, I tagged along with my Fuji X100 and heres what I got.

photo (3)

Pop in the midsts of a prophetic vision.

photo (9)

It was really a good show and the audience was very appreciative.

photo (4)

Bonnie Gordon and Joshua Kranz warming up before the show.

photo (7)

Pop pontificating for the people.

photo (11)

Bonnie Gordon

photo (14)

Pop in his element.


Great balls of fire its Sophie Evans.

photo (13)

Just for the record, I love rope tricks.

photo (6)

Bonnie Gordon and Joshua Kranz.

photo (1)

Pop in a bit of trouble.

photo (10)

Pop outside the temple of the Placebo indians god-king.


Pop going over his lines before the show.

photo (15)

Matter transportation can be a tricky thing.

It was a great show, I am very glad I attended.

I will also be photographing Pop’s next show and attending the Magic Castles 50th anniversary event at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.  Hopefully I will have more exciting photos from these events to share with you.

photo (3)

Using an aluminum shop reflector as a photographic light source.

photo (3)

Katrina White, Fuji X100 at f2

After having had a bit of success using an old halogen lamp as a bare bulb light source, I decided to see what stepping up to a 12 inch aluminum reflector with a 60 watt bulb would do.


Katrina White, Fuji X100 at f2.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of light I received from the reflector when it was approximately eight feet from my subject.


Katrina White, Fuji X100 at f2

I would recommend using one of these in a pinch.  Its cheap, clips to anything and is way more controllable than just a bare lightbulb.


Ten dollars at Wal Mart.

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